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Bedclothes Cleaner(Model No. SVC-UV500)

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Bedclothes Cleaner(Model No. SVC-UV500)


  • Suction: The most suction of bedclothes cleaner.
  • A punching and disinfection effect :
    A punching interval the longest distance, domestic the only a bedclothes and duster disinfection the same time.


  • Size: W(260mm) H(150mm) L(310mm)
  • Weight: 1.7kg

Our company can make household electric appliances, develop oneself too.
The present developed product are bedclothes cleaner two class, humidifier.
The latest developed a bedcloth cleaner obtained CCC certification, exported to China by OEM system.
Air cleaner will export to America end of 2014 and applying file a patent application.
A factory have 1,180m2 area, two assembly line.

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Bedclothes Cleaner-Model No- SVC-UV500-

Bedclothes Cleaner-Model No- SVC-UV500-